Master’s degree

The list of necessary documents for the magistracy:

Applicants to the magistracy submit to the Admission Committee of the Academy the following documents:

1. Application;

2. Diploma (original, an extract from the diploma for students trained on the basis of a state grant);

3. Inlay sheet;

4. Medical certificate form 086-U (original);

5. Passport (photocopy) *;

6. Photographs 3.5 x 4.5 (6 pieces) **;

7. Folder;

8. 2 envelopes.

* Applicants during the delivery of documents must have an original passport and a document attesting to the military service (military certificate, registration certificate).

** All photos must be the same.

9. Scientific articles and abstracts if available (original and copy)

10. IELTS, TOEFL if available (original and copy).

* When submitting documents, the applicants are presented with a passport and a document on their attitude to military service.

Entrance examinations for applicants to the Master’s program are conducted in the following subjects;

Theory and practice of building a democratic society
Courses in special disciplines of specialty

* Entrance examinations are conducted in the form of written works on a previously approved schedule.

Conditions for admission for foreigners

Those wishing to study at the Tashkent Medical Academy should apply directly to the higher educational institution or to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which can assist in restoring contacts between the foreign citizen and the University-Institute. Embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad can also help in establishing direct contacts and sending documents to Uzbekistan.

List of documents required for admission to a higher educational institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Application addressed to the Rector of the Academy with indication (name, nationality, chosen university and specialty)
Copy of the passport
A notarized copy of the education certificate (certificate), certificate of completion (secondary schools, college or lyceum) or a diploma (bachelor’s, master’s degree, etc.). Original documents can be submitted upon arrival in Uzbekistan.
Medical certificate, including a certificate of passage of the HIV / AIDS test.
Document (certificate of knowledge of Uzbek or Russian.)
Photo (3.5 × 4.5 or 4 × 5)

The academic year starts in September. In order to start the occupation in time, all documents must be issued before the first of September. In exceptional cases, documents can be received in September.

Amount of payment for one academic year:

Academic leave ~ is given to students about not attending classes for more than 30 hours for a valid reason (illness, childbirth). At the same time, the student writes an application addressed to the dean of the faculty with the presentation of the conclusion of the VKK on the state of health on which the academic is given, leave. Restoration of studies after academ. Leave – an application is submitted to the Rector of the Academy and, on the orders of the Medical Academy, the student restores his studies.

Deduction of students – is spent at not visiting of the student of employment more than 30 hours on not valid reason or for poor progress on any subject. Deduction occurs after the release of the order of honey. Academy on the deduction.

Training in the academy (grading) is done on a point system. Passing points on the subject is considered to be 55% of the total score. Examinations in subjects are conducted on the basis of the delivery of the OSCE (objective systematized clinical exam) and tests in the test center. Students admitted to the OSCEE are more than 55% of the current assessment. A student who has not received OSSCE (who does not gain 55% of the score) is not allowed to take the test exam. Test examinations for students are accepted in the test center of honey, academy. A student who has scored less than 55% of the total score on the subject is considered not to have mastered the subject.

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